Core Technology

Manufacturing-Proven Core Technology

Orchidée's Intellectual Property (IP) cores are used today in such applications as IP telephones, Integrated Access Devices, PBX line cards, DECT Basestations, SOHO Routers, optical discs and automobiles. Orchidée was one of the first companies to offer such reusable IP cores as the DES encryption core and HDLC processor.

In addition to being able to license any of it's standard products' source code for use in larger SOC's, Orchidée offers the following additional RTL core building blocks:

Tomahawk : Packet processing engine used to connect to a physical layer device, microcontroller, CODEC and/or audio processor. Performs voice packet translation, serialization/deserialization, HDLC frame processing, B-channel timeslot interchange and TDM bus interface translation.

Alaska : Complete SOHO VPN Router. Handles up to 5 Fast Ethernet ports and 100Mbps Triple-DES. Instantiates ARM7TDMI microcontroller.

DES-DMGR : Triple-DES Data Pipeline Manager. Implements the NBS FIPs Publication 46-2 (Data Encryption Standard) Specification. Capable of operation up to Gbit Ethernet speeds (Triple-DES, CBC mode).